Tuesday, December 8, 2009

THIS IS a weak attempt at a joke...

watched the 300 riff track tonight and felt i needed to be productive during the show so i drew a funny little spartan shouting. and spitting. and wearing man leather panties :P hope ya like him :)

i know hes not that great, but i was just trying to stay in practice lol. any suggestions?


Thursday, November 19, 2009


this little guy is probably my favorite drawing EVER and i dont really know why :P

futuristic jungle tribesman guy thing!!!

hey all

sorry i havent updated in a loooooooong time. just got my scanner back up and running and have been busy with work and stuff. ANYWAYS, excuses only get this post so far. now for what youve come here for, my art. ill post what ive worked on over the last few months for ya :)

first, the rabbit i drew for a friend. hes cute, in an odd, punk sort of way :P

next, a tattoo design im working on for a coworker. its not quite done, but you can get the main point of the design. another more punk esque character :P

now, a more realistic take on two dragon designs i did a while back. the anatomy is off, mostly because they started as sketches and i got a tad carried away :P

this one is a bird from the future, sent to destroy a powerful machine with his baguette. dont know what im talking about? it was in the news :P (the best part is im not kidding. http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2009-11/bread-loving-bird-shuts-down-lhc )

finally, this guy i drew tonight after a friend gave me the prompt of "futuristic jungle tribe"

hope that was a long enough update for you :P i promise from here on in to keep my blog updated and fresh :)


ps almost forgot about this one :) drawn for a coworker. the girl on the book cart is her, the others in the background are all of the other workers looking on in horror :P

Monday, September 7, 2009

hey all

havent been on in a while. been working alot. had a huge labor day weekend sale and thank god today is the last day of it. though when sales are going the customers are crazy nice to everyone at the store. its kinda nice...

ANYWAYS i have a new drawing i did that is adorable. he is going to be resting on my website banner, so thats why his tail is drooping the way it is.


Friday, August 7, 2009

cartoony cthulhu

got bored before work and whipped this up. had alot of fun drawing it :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

im not dead! but my comp is

my comp died a few days ago...actually, it was one week ago today. anyways, not the point. i was working on some drawings over the last week and have wanted to post them but couldnt because of the lack of a computer. my generous roommate is letting me use his comp, so i can show you what ive been doing :)

alot of it is very generic and stuff, but its a giant step in the direction i want my art to go. now, for introductions to the pieces:

this one is ra. i loved the anubis drawing so much i felt like i needed to draw another god of the region. his head is a bit off, but i still love him all the same :P

this one is my zombie guy. i wanted to try my hand at a more comic style one rather than the cartoony one i had done a month or two ago. i love the way his face came out, but my roommates girlfriend said she noticed when i do drawings the face and upper body look cool but then i just kind of taper off at the feet. ...i found it funny i didnt finish this drawing. the feet are still incomplete :P

this final drawing is probably my favorite. he is the first beast, as described in the book of revelations. he is described as having seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns, the body of a leapard, the mouth of a lion, and the feet of a bear. he will walk forth from the oceans and spew blasphemes of the lord. so, if you look, each head serves a sinister purpose. the one down on the right bottom has a twisted horn and forked tongue because he spreads the lies, the creepy as hell one above him is the one that scares people into following the first beast, the one above him serves as the false idol, the one in the middle is the silent controller of the heads, the one to his left is the all seeing and tells the people of their pitiful futures if they choose not to follow the beast, the one to his left is....uh....scary, and the final one serves as the lookout, always watching the heavens.

stupid, yes. but at least there was more substance behind it than my normal drawings :P

oh, and here is a random life drawing. for shits and kicks i guess :P


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anubis, god of awesome

hey all

just got everything unpacked and enjoyed the first free night i have had in a long time. it was awesome. i also realized this is the first time in my life i have had a desk of my own to draw on. crazy, huh? to break in the new desk, i drew anubis.

i know about the legs not matching the body and the hand being at a really sharp angle, but i still like the way he came out. he looks angry :P

and jw, if you wanna email me critiques that would rock pretty hard core. id say you could call, but my phone has been uber craptacular as of late and i cant figure out why...

anynoodle, ill see yall round!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


hey guy(s)

getting ready to move. as of this weekend i will finally have my own room. as stated previously, its been a long while since ive had this luxery. but it will be a welcome one :) things have been going pretty well recently. looking forward to seeing where the next road takes me :D

also, this is the guy i posted the other day. i know its not amazing, but i laid some base colors down. any suggestions? ive already lightened him up a bit from the original colors, but am willing to do so even more if it makes him look purty


Thursday, July 9, 2009

hey all

a few new updates to...update.

first: i am proud of myself. someone got on youtube and tried to be rude about the animation i had posted. but i managed to respond in a professional and non aggressive way. weeeeee for being professional!

two: i am moving this weekend into a house where i will have my own room. yay for having my own space to live in and occupy!

three: as of the twentieth of this month i will be working at half price books as a book sales person. yup, i finally got a job. only took me eight months :P best part (other than the awesome staff i will be working with) is there is no real dress code. im allowed to go to work with all of my piercings and tattoos showing. :)

and finally: i have been working all week on freelance that involves absolutely no creativity whatsoever, so i did a quick drawing tonight while watching family guy. no, its not anatomically correct or anything, but it was a nice release. got all of my ideas out at once, and you can kinda tell by the way the guy looks :P but i like him. ill probably redraw him later on...only better lol

guess that wraps this update up. see ya next week :D


Monday, June 29, 2009

alright, ive been practicing coloring in ps, and given ive had to step back to using 7, its taken some getting used to. but i shall prevail! maybe...

anyways, this is a drawing i did of myself zombie fied and colored in photoshop. i borrowed a few techniques ive seen other artists use, but i am still obviously learning, so any pointers would be loverly.



just finished adding a background. let me know what you think :D its super simple, but its better than it was before with nothing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

first post in a while and...

and its nothing special. i mean it is to me because its obviously something i created, but it was done for fun to try and flex my mighty drawing muscles. and by mighty i mean tiny. anyways, the drawings here are ones i did at the request of some friends of mine. the first was done for a friend who wanted me to draw him in the style of team fortress. the other is of my friend as a little sister on bioshock. which, by the way, is the most amazing game ever. ANYWAYS they arent amazing but its a good example of what im trying to do to get better. i know i completely screwed up the little sister one, but the girl is super nice and it was really hard to get her to look as ridiculously creepy as those things are. i was also buzzing hardcore on red bull so my hands were shaky and the lines ended up being all squigly, but i think it still is recognizable as that style, so i kind of accomplished what i set out to do. ...ill practice more.

also, for those that care and have the initials of jw, i got a job interview with half price books so you should let the others know my days of being a drifter are close to coming to an end hopefully maybe :)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just doodlin round the house. drew myself as a tarzan character. yay! ...so bored. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

old man jenkins

i felt inspired yesterday, but not to draw my usual. i felt like i was finally comfortable enough to step outside of my comfort zone and draw a person with no extra arms or super bulky. just a person. and this is what i made.

hes a super ultra tough cowboy who doesnt take crap from no one. hes a rancher, so when i draw his full body, his hands are gonna be rough looking. i plan on doing as much as i can with this character to try and use it as a guide to improve my art and my abilities. i hope to be well outside of my comfort zone by the end of this project.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hatian demon

hey all. i havent been on here in forever and ever. BUT im back. ish. i have been hunting for a job (regular, not in the field) and feeling rather down about the lack of interest from everyone ive applied to. whats worse is i stopped drawing for a bit. thought that it might make me feel worse if i started drawing something and couldnt get the idea out the way i wanted. then i realized that it just feels good to draw, regardless of how good or bad the image is. ...which brings me to the first piece ive posted on here in nearly three...four...months...?

this fellow was inspired by an image of a haitian dressed to celebrate mardi gras. i tried to draw him as the demon i imagined he was dressed to portray. even if i got no where near what he was trying to be, it was still alot of fun to draw. ive also been working on my line work and hope to soon have photoshop so i can color this bad boy. also, if anything needs to be fixed let me know and ill hop right on it. i wanna re work this into a bad ass concept for my portfolio.


Monday, February 16, 2009

downloaded a trial version of photoshop so i could at least color some of my drawings before the thing goes out. i miss my photoshop :( stupid computer had to go and die on me and erase everything....

anyways, heres the one of the things ive been working on. let me know what ya think. if anyones out there...

oh, and the background texture was obtained from a stock thing on another site. located here:

anynoodle, ta for now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its been awhile

so i finally have internet on my desktop again. which means i can finally post again! but i dont have much im ready to show yet. most of it is wip and hard to tell whats up. but ill have it done within the next week or so. and i promise from here on in to post at least once a month. :D

anyways, im gonna post two drawings, both of which are from this silly idea i got for an anthro swat team. i was watching a tv show with my dad and came up with the idea. i tried writing some for it and then remembered i suck at writing.

so the most youll ever get from the story is that these guys are two of the characters. the tiger is the head of the swat, JR Reeves. yeah, i named him. deal. :P the other guy, the antelope looking guy, is a bad guy named Bruno. fun stuff. let me know what you think. :)

also, lost alot of my programs, so i wont have anything posted thats colored for a while. rip photoshop :(

for now, heres my new logo type thing i made. drew it in pen the colored it in flash. just gonna post the pen doodle for now.

and one more drawing, just for giggles. its my penguin. hes cute :3