Wednesday, February 4, 2009

its been awhile

so i finally have internet on my desktop again. which means i can finally post again! but i dont have much im ready to show yet. most of it is wip and hard to tell whats up. but ill have it done within the next week or so. and i promise from here on in to post at least once a month. :D

anyways, im gonna post two drawings, both of which are from this silly idea i got for an anthro swat team. i was watching a tv show with my dad and came up with the idea. i tried writing some for it and then remembered i suck at writing.

so the most youll ever get from the story is that these guys are two of the characters. the tiger is the head of the swat, JR Reeves. yeah, i named him. deal. :P the other guy, the antelope looking guy, is a bad guy named Bruno. fun stuff. let me know what you think. :)

also, lost alot of my programs, so i wont have anything posted thats colored for a while. rip photoshop :(

for now, heres my new logo type thing i made. drew it in pen the colored it in flash. just gonna post the pen doodle for now.

and one more drawing, just for giggles. its my penguin. hes cute :3


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