Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hatian demon

hey all. i havent been on here in forever and ever. BUT im back. ish. i have been hunting for a job (regular, not in the field) and feeling rather down about the lack of interest from everyone ive applied to. whats worse is i stopped drawing for a bit. thought that it might make me feel worse if i started drawing something and couldnt get the idea out the way i wanted. then i realized that it just feels good to draw, regardless of how good or bad the image is. ...which brings me to the first piece ive posted on here in nearly three...four...months...?

this fellow was inspired by an image of a haitian dressed to celebrate mardi gras. i tried to draw him as the demon i imagined he was dressed to portray. even if i got no where near what he was trying to be, it was still alot of fun to draw. ive also been working on my line work and hope to soon have photoshop so i can color this bad boy. also, if anything needs to be fixed let me know and ill hop right on it. i wanna re work this into a bad ass concept for my portfolio.


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