Friday, August 7, 2009

cartoony cthulhu

got bored before work and whipped this up. had alot of fun drawing it :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

im not dead! but my comp is

my comp died a few days ago...actually, it was one week ago today. anyways, not the point. i was working on some drawings over the last week and have wanted to post them but couldnt because of the lack of a computer. my generous roommate is letting me use his comp, so i can show you what ive been doing :)

alot of it is very generic and stuff, but its a giant step in the direction i want my art to go. now, for introductions to the pieces:

this one is ra. i loved the anubis drawing so much i felt like i needed to draw another god of the region. his head is a bit off, but i still love him all the same :P

this one is my zombie guy. i wanted to try my hand at a more comic style one rather than the cartoony one i had done a month or two ago. i love the way his face came out, but my roommates girlfriend said she noticed when i do drawings the face and upper body look cool but then i just kind of taper off at the feet. ...i found it funny i didnt finish this drawing. the feet are still incomplete :P

this final drawing is probably my favorite. he is the first beast, as described in the book of revelations. he is described as having seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns, the body of a leapard, the mouth of a lion, and the feet of a bear. he will walk forth from the oceans and spew blasphemes of the lord. so, if you look, each head serves a sinister purpose. the one down on the right bottom has a twisted horn and forked tongue because he spreads the lies, the creepy as hell one above him is the one that scares people into following the first beast, the one above him serves as the false idol, the one in the middle is the silent controller of the heads, the one to his left is the all seeing and tells the people of their pitiful futures if they choose not to follow the beast, the one to his left is....uh....scary, and the final one serves as the lookout, always watching the heavens.

stupid, yes. but at least there was more substance behind it than my normal drawings :P

oh, and here is a random life drawing. for shits and kicks i guess :P