Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ew art! (a typo i found too funny to correct)

hello world! ive been feverishly pumping out new art and figured id post the two or three worthy images to here, my loyal blog! no matter what i do this little guy is always here for me ha ha. anyways, heres a few cool images i did this last week or so.
this dudes my new favorite. i put a good amount of time into the drawing and for the first time in a long time i am actually happy with how the image turned out. he makes me happy.
the colors on this one arent what i wanted, but i was overworking it so i figured in a month or so when ive lost all emotional connections with what ive done ill give it another go and fall in love all over again. its like a bad romantic comedy...
i like this guy cause he knows hes better than me. hes looking at his watch like "pssshh my time is worth more than you" well, thats it for now. im still painting, so i may even edit this and add more. you shall endure the flood of my paintings and drawings! endure! --Kymm