Friday, February 26, 2010

alice in wonderland inspired caterpillar fella

hey world. havent posted on here in a long while, but the post i have for you is one im a tad more proud of than i normally am of my work :P its the closest ive come to successfully executing what i mentally want my concept to look like.

its not amazing, but mentally this is a huge step for me. anyways, its cliche, but i wanted to do a dark piece for the alice in wonderland story. i loves it so :) let me know what you think world :)


Friday, January 29, 2010

not dead yet home slice!

ive been really busy trying to make my work look purty and better, but havent felt anything was really worth posting. now i know the only way to get help and to fix the other poo ive made is to post it for review, but ive just been really not liking what ive been makin. now, i have a drawing i really enjoy. i put alot into it, used it as kind of a release of some negative energy ive had building up. let me know what ya think :D