Wednesday, August 27, 2008


graduation is close. real close. im trying to tighten up my style, but ive only got three weeks. or four...something like that. anywho, heres a drawing i recently did. like...tonight :D i was just lookin to practice my line weights. studying up on it via a graphic novel i just bought. great stuff :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


so siggraph was pretty much amazing. there were so many cool booths up to look at. i mean wow. the art institute booth had a really cool competition going called art wars. they had up the really cool wacom tablets that you could see your drawings on (the cintiqu i think...) for us to use during the competition. so the contest consisted of drawing for twenty minutes based around the topic presented. when i competed the theme was technology nightmare. i ended up winning the first heat, but the next time around in the final heat i lost. bad. but it was cool. the others i competed with were all really cool. they turned to eachother and complimented eachothers work. it was super cool. they were all really nice people. i ended up walking away with the adobe creative suite 3 design premium package, which was awesome.

on a side note, astroboy is going to be an amazing movie! it was so pretty! they only had one clip they were showing though, so dont hold me to it. as of now it looks great. it was really well animated.

anynoodle, i think im gonna head to bed. i just figured it was about time i updated my blog. ill add a drawing of some sort in here...ah! ill add the newest tiger guy design i did. good stuff! (kind of)