Thursday, November 19, 2009

futuristic jungle tribesman guy thing!!!

hey all

sorry i havent updated in a loooooooong time. just got my scanner back up and running and have been busy with work and stuff. ANYWAYS, excuses only get this post so far. now for what youve come here for, my art. ill post what ive worked on over the last few months for ya :)

first, the rabbit i drew for a friend. hes cute, in an odd, punk sort of way :P

next, a tattoo design im working on for a coworker. its not quite done, but you can get the main point of the design. another more punk esque character :P

now, a more realistic take on two dragon designs i did a while back. the anatomy is off, mostly because they started as sketches and i got a tad carried away :P

this one is a bird from the future, sent to destroy a powerful machine with his baguette. dont know what im talking about? it was in the news :P (the best part is im not kidding. )

finally, this guy i drew tonight after a friend gave me the prompt of "futuristic jungle tribe"

hope that was a long enough update for you :P i promise from here on in to keep my blog updated and fresh :)


ps almost forgot about this one :) drawn for a coworker. the girl on the book cart is her, the others in the background are all of the other workers looking on in horror :P

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eltoromuerto said...

In the quickest and most basic way I am going to critic your pieces.
Rabbit-needs more work... way more.

Skeleton- think I know what your going for, look at Jamie Hewlett

Dragons- Armadillo #1 I like. Vignette it better.
Evil Dark crystal #2 Something is off balance with the face. use tracing paper and balance it out better.

Chicken- fun idea could be explore shapes better. What is purpose, animation or book.

Futuristic Jungle Tribe- No. bad idea and you didn't know where to go with it.

Book Store-Great! Explore color.

My quick 2 cents. Hope it helps.