Saturday, June 27, 2009

first post in a while and...

and its nothing special. i mean it is to me because its obviously something i created, but it was done for fun to try and flex my mighty drawing muscles. and by mighty i mean tiny. anyways, the drawings here are ones i did at the request of some friends of mine. the first was done for a friend who wanted me to draw him in the style of team fortress. the other is of my friend as a little sister on bioshock. which, by the way, is the most amazing game ever. ANYWAYS they arent amazing but its a good example of what im trying to do to get better. i know i completely screwed up the little sister one, but the girl is super nice and it was really hard to get her to look as ridiculously creepy as those things are. i was also buzzing hardcore on red bull so my hands were shaky and the lines ended up being all squigly, but i think it still is recognizable as that style, so i kind of accomplished what i set out to do. ...ill practice more.

also, for those that care and have the initials of jw, i got a job interview with half price books so you should let the others know my days of being a drifter are close to coming to an end hopefully maybe :)


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eltoromuerto said...

Well good for you Kymm. I am glad to hear it. Possibly...maybe. Keep drawing more and more. I know you have stuff to put up here. I want to see at least one post a week. But aim for two. Good stuff I will send you some critics when I can. Or call me and we can just talk about them over the phone. What ever is clever.