Thursday, July 9, 2009

hey all

a few new updates to...update.

first: i am proud of myself. someone got on youtube and tried to be rude about the animation i had posted. but i managed to respond in a professional and non aggressive way. weeeeee for being professional!

two: i am moving this weekend into a house where i will have my own room. yay for having my own space to live in and occupy!

three: as of the twentieth of this month i will be working at half price books as a book sales person. yup, i finally got a job. only took me eight months :P best part (other than the awesome staff i will be working with) is there is no real dress code. im allowed to go to work with all of my piercings and tattoos showing. :)

and finally: i have been working all week on freelance that involves absolutely no creativity whatsoever, so i did a quick drawing tonight while watching family guy. no, its not anatomically correct or anything, but it was a nice release. got all of my ideas out at once, and you can kinda tell by the way the guy looks :P but i like him. ill probably redraw him later on...only better lol

guess that wraps this update up. see ya next week :D


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