Monday, April 25, 2011

four months and counting


a drawing for a friend who gave me a very very amusing prompt. tis a child. with a gun. drinking booze. yum.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. beeeeeeeeeeeep

hey all! been here in cali for about four or five months now and i must say i dont miss the desert AT ALL. i do miss friends and such, but alas, we all must move on at some point :P anyways, here are a few drawings i have done over the last few months to keep my brain from doing the crazy dance. sorry again for quality. computer is still busted so these are brought to you by kymms phone :)

its arcanine! (bought pokemon white a few months back )

one of my co workers had said something about monkeys being used to keep the ninjas from our store, and this drawing was born :D

someone requested i draw a demon dude. i liked how he turned out but know there are a lot of things that could stand to be fixed on him.

and finally, these guys. working on drawing people. they arent great but i like having pics like this posted as a ref point for when i get further down the road. i can look back at these and have an actual point i can compare myself to rather than only thinking im getting better.

well, thats my update for now. normally id have alot more to post, but its such pain in the butt to get the pics time i promise there will be more.


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