Thursday, October 9, 2008

happy holloween!!!

okay, so its not Halloween yet but hey, i dont know how often ill be able to update on here. :D anyways, i have graduated and am now living with a family friend while i put my portfolio together. lots of free time. i did that so i wouldnt be tied down by an apt lease so if anyone offered me a job i could take it. :P anyways, the cool thing about being here is the girls i get to share a room with. they have great imaginations, so they keep giving me grand ideas for sketches. the one i did last night was their doing. i asked them what i should draw and they said a chocolate eating monster who was a musketeer. he is.


made some changes to the guys. let me know if you like these or the old ones better :D

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eltoromuerto said...

I really like the way the first one came out! It has a very cute likability factor to it. Might make a great halloween card. The second one loses a little bit of that in the eyes. Now that your not tied down to school any more, we should be seeing more art up here...right? At least once a week. You have a fan base to think of! :)